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Nancy Ann MaldonadoNancy Ann Maldonado
21:31 26 Feb 24
I hired this firm and Jessica is very professional and helpful I am very impressed and pleased with her ability to answer questions and provide answers immediately
Where's WaldoWhere's Waldo
19:04 26 Feb 24
Jessica Owens was great at getting me a reasonable settlement with an affordable payment plan. She also responded to all my emails in a timely manner and kept me up to date with all proceedings.
Cynthia HoltCynthia Holt
18:13 23 Feb 24
Trenton and the Weston legal team were professional and communicated promptly during every step of the legal process. The case was dismissed.
A.T., kuhnsA.T., kuhns
17:36 20 Feb 24
The professionalism of certain of your staff has been at a level that must be recognized. I have multiple cases with your firm; Kristy Cano has guided me through the onboarding paperwork, to where it has been seamless and near effort free for two years; As well as being there as a contact for me to reach out too when out of normal actions develop. She has been giving of her time and knowledge to put me in a "best as" position and always with a genuine presence of ready to help.During this week conditions warranted contact. Kristy initiated a course of action with another of your staff: Clarissa Vasquez: within 48 hours the issues were resolved. Kristy determined who to hand this too in Clarissa. Clarissa executed and resolved issues that could have been costly. This was exceptional teamwork to the benefit of a client.Reem Haddad is the lead case manager for the majority of my cases with Weston. I could not have asked for a more competent , diligent manager for all the actions, and all in different stages, than the good fortune to have Reem overseeing the progression of work.My work takes me to remote locations with limited communication capability for months at a time. I am difficult to reach yet Reem has kept the progression of the actions on target.I rarely trust others in work performance; but these individuals on your staff have mine to the point where I have diverted my incoming actions to Weston and not other firms I have had engaged during this time.
16:18 20 Feb 24
Hello I to use Weston Legal Conn”s appliances took me to court I was very stress Sims made me feel very at ease he take care everything from keeping me updated with phone calls and emails. So look no further they will hold your hand all the way through. And the glory I WON my case. Again thanks Trenton
19:55 15 Feb 24
I have worked with Weston Legal several times and they are very professional and always deliver on behalf of the client. Courtney was knowledgeable and had confidence we would get the case dismissed which we did. She even followed up on some questions I had after the case was over. What a relief I was able to find a law firm that could help me out of a tight spot. Thanks again Courtney. -- John H.
Patrick ParduePatrick Pardue
22:27 14 Feb 24
Super easy to work with and got my case dismissed. Would definitely recommend.
Jim GateleyJim Gateley
15:15 13 Feb 24
Eric Leal was fantastic. He was attentive to my situation despite being busy with other clients as well. His honesty is rarely found these days. He looked into the 'law firm' that was suing me and said he found no case history or pre-case history about their company. Eric shared several 'red flags' with me that indicated I was probably being scammed by people who were trying to scare me into sending them money. I can't imagine there being a better company for legal services than Weston Legal.
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1. Federal or Private

The first step is to determine if you have Federal or Private Student Loans in Default.  The remedies and solutions are different depending on the type of loans that you have.  We can work with you to help determine what type of loans you have.  If you are being SUED by National Collegiate Trust for a private student loan, click here.

2. Default Options

Depending on your loans, there may be a variety of options to get out of default. If you have Federal Loans then rehabilitation or consolidating your loans is generally the best option. If you have private loans, then working a settlement with your lender is often a possibility. We can work with you on the best option for getting out of default.

3. Get out of Default

Getting out of default may take some time. The rehabilitation process can take 9 to 10 months. However, once you are out of default, you are in a much better position and you can qualify for many of the Federal repayment options, such as “Income Based Repayment”. Contact us now so we can determine what the best option is to get you out of default on your student loans.

Student Loan Default Help

For Federal Student Loan Defaults, the common remedy is either consolidation or rehabilitation.  However, you can only use one of these remedies once so it is important to get it right the first time.


Rehabilitation involves making 9 of 10 regular monthly payments to the collection agency who is servicing your loan.  Often these agencies are difficult to deal with on your own.

If your wages are currently being garnished for your Federal Student Loans then a rehabilitation will be difficult.  This is because you are usually required to make your rehabilitation payments in addition to what is being garnished.


Consolidation of your Student Loans has its pros and cons.  The pros are having one lump sum payment to only one entity.  Additionally, consolidation can be a great ticket out of default and on your way to an Income Based Repayment Plan.

Consolidation can also possibly stop a wage garnishment and can be an effective means to get your loans out of default.

Student Loan Wage Garnishment

Federal Student Loan Defaults often result in a garnishment of your wages.  If you have not been garnished yet, the time to act is now because once it starts it’s difficult to stop.

A garnishment can usually be stopped with a Student Loan Consolidation.  A Rehabilitation is not as simple because you are often required to make rehabilitation payments in addition to the amount that is being garnished.  Many consumers are unable to make wage garnishment payments and rehabilitation payments.  Thus, consolidation becomes the primary option.

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