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Dismissal of Lawsuit

When a creditor dismisses a lawsuit, they typically dismiss the case “without prejudice“.  This is done with a motion for nonsuit.  This means, that the lawsuit can be re-filed against you if within the statute of limitations for suing on debt.  Some debt defense lawyers will call this “winning” or “defeating” a lawsuit but this is not entirely true because you can likely be sued again on the same debt. Winning a lawsuit would be a take nothing judgment at trial.  The only way to ensure the debt is gone is to win the case at trial or to settle the lawsuit with a valid debt settlement agreement.

Settlement of Lawsuit

Many times a case needs to be settled.  This depends on the Court, the Creditor suing, and the type of evidence the creditor has.   We typically assist to settle lawsuits for a substantial discount from what is owed.  All settlements must have a valid debt settlement agreement.  We will not make unrealistic promises about settling a case for “pennies on the dollar” like other attorneys because this is simply not realistic. Most cases are settled for 30% to 50% of the lawsuit principle balance at the time of filing.  Some are settled for less.  Often times, settlement is the best result for your specific situation and we will discuss this with you before you hire us.

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