Can You Go To Jail for Not Paying Your Credit Cards?

Simple answer is no… HOWEVER:

  1. Credit card companies frequently file lawsuits.
  2. You may be ordered by a judge to appear in Court.
  3. The Judge may order you in contempt if you fail to comply with Court orders.
  4. Your bank account or wages could be garnished depending on state law.
  5. You could be harassed by creditors non-stop until debt is paid off or settled.

Not paying on your credit cards mean you defaulted with your payments. Defaulting in credit cards and collecting debt can lead to serious legal actions and a devastating hit to your credit score. Find out more about what defaulting in credit cards mean here.

Once the court is involved, there are risks for having an involuntary judgment being rendered against you – this could ultimately lead to your bank accounts being frozen or wages being garnished depending on state law and you may have property seized.

What can I do about it?

  1. Consult with a consumer debt attorney for representation and advice
  2. Don’t ignore any notices or court documents
  3. Pay off your debt or settle a negotiated balance
  4. Check your credit report – act on any defaulted debt to avoid legal circumstances
  5. Consider Bankruptcy as an option

Being aware of your credit report is extremely important and can foreshadow what is to come in the near future. It helps you be in control and, ultimately, you can gain the upper hand. You can note which defaults that need to be acted on and proceed to handle each account before any legal actions are taken upon it. Click here to see the aftermath of a defaulted debt on your credit report.

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