Attorney For Debt Settlement

Debt Settlement Attorneys

The primary benefits of hiring Weston Legal for Debt Settlement is:

  • Immediately Stop Creditor Harassment.
  • Protect Yourself Against Debt Lawsuits.
  • Know if Bankruptcy is an option for you.
  • Resolve Your Debts for a substantial discount.

Here are examples of Debts that can often be settled after they are in default.

  • Credit card bills that are in default
  • Medical bills that are in default
  • Auto loans that are in default.

Attempting to settle debts without an attorney can often result in problems because the creditors and collection agencies fail to give you a valid debt settlement agreement.  Creditors also routinely file collection lawsuits in an attempt to collect a debt and most debt settlement companies refuse to help you when this happens.  Fortunately we have defended over 5000 collection lawsuits for consumers.

We only charge flat fees for debt settlement so you don’t have to worry about paying some outrageous percentage of your total debt as a fee like most debt settlement companies.
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