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Who is Velocity Investments LLC?

Velocity Investments, LLC is a debt collection company. They buy debt from original lenders in bulk and take legal action against consumers in an attempt to recover their investment and more. If you have been served with a lawsuit or a threat to garnish your wages or levy your bank account, you need to take legal action immediately.

What You Should Know about Velocity Investments, LLC

Velocity Investments LLC has been in operation for nearly 15 years and is incorporated in New Jersey, but operates throughout the United States.

Velocity Investments buys portfolios of defaulted debt and then makes back its investment and a profit by attempting to collect on those debts. The company uses lawsuits to collect on debts and by obtaining judgments, gains the ability to garnish wages in some states, levy bank accounts, and place liens on property. Once a judgment is granted, Velocity Investments has the right to collect the entire amount of the debt in question.

Whenever you are faced with a lawsuit filed by a debt collection agency, it’s important to work with an experienced debt collection defense law firm.

Have You Been Served with a Lawsuit Filed by Velocity Investments?

One of the most important things you should understand about lawsuits filed by debt collectors is that not responding is the biggest mistake you can make. Not responding when you are served all but guarantees a judgment in favor of the collector. If you have been notified of a lawsuit against you filed by Velocity Investments or any debt collector, you need to respond.

We Help Consumers Deal with Defaulted Debts

Our goal is to help you resolve your defaulted debts. We know that having a lawsuit filed against you by Velocity Investments is intimidating and we know how tempting it might be to ignore the lawsuit and pretend it’s not happening. This is the worst thing you can do!

Our firm has been working with clients faced with debt collection lawsuits for years. We understand the tactics used by Velocity Investments, LLC and we know how defend against them. Whether you are able to resolve your debt or get the lawsuit thrown out because of actions taken by Velocity, we can help.

For more information or to speak to someone about the debt collection attempts you are facing and what your best strategy is for dealing with them, contact our firm at 1.800.220.4318.

What Happens With a Judgment?

Your Bank Account Can Be Frozen and Emptied by Many Judgment Creditors

A Judgment Can Often Cloud Title on Your Homestead Property

A Judgment is Published on your Credit Report as a “Public Record”

With a Judgment, certain property can be sold at auction to pay towards the judgment

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Without a Lawyer

Default Judgment
The vast majority of collection lawsuits end up with a judgment against the consumer. This is primarily because the consumer did nothing to protect themselves or they attempted to defend the lawsuit themselves.

With a Lawyer

Default Judgment

Most of our cases are dismissed by the creditor prior to trial or we reach a favorable settlement for our clients depending on the circumstances of their situation.

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