Sued for Credit Card Debt Debt in Texas

Every year, tens of thousands of Texans are sued for Credit Card Debt.  You need to be ready to act if and when you are sued.

File a Response to the Lawsuit

In order to avoid a default judgment you must respond to the lawsuit.  This is the important first step but it’s definitely not the last step.  This response is called the “Answer” and it is due after you have been served.  The due date is usually about 3 weeks after you have been served.  You should not wait to be served, if you find out about a lawsuit it’s best to get an answer on file or retain a debt defense law firm to do so for you.

Be prepared to show up in Court

Lots of websites say you simply need to show up in Court and the case goes away.  This is not true.  If you have not hired an attorney then you will likely need to appear in Court to defend yourself.  If you simply say that you were unable to pay the debt, the judge will likely grant a judgment for the full balance.  You may have legal defenses to the evidence (or lack of evidence) that the Plaintiff produced.

Do Not Ignore the Lawsuit or Judgment.

If you lose the case, there will be a judgment against you.  Unfortunately many people ignore this until their bank account is frozen months or years later.  By this time there is not much that can be done and the balance of the debt usually includes attorneys fees and costs.

If you are aware of a Credit Card Debt Lawsuit in Texas against you contact us at Weston Legal.  We have defended tens of thousands of collection lawsuits.

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