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Who is Regional Finance Company of Texas?

Based out of Texas, Regional Finance Company of Texas is a subsidiary of parent company Regional Finance. Like its parent company, Regional Finance Company of Texas specializes in providing loans to customers that live in a specified region of the United States, such as the State of Texas and areas that border The Lone Star State. Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, parent company Regional Finance operates more than 300 offices throughout several southern and southwestern states.

Regional Finance Company of Texas operates offices in the following Texas cities:

  • Midland
  • Irving
  • Round Rock
  • Austin
  • Garland
  • San Antonio
  • Fort Worth

Regional Finance Company of Texas fills a lending void by offering loans to consumers that possess poor credit scores. After the home mortgage crisis of 2007-08, lending to consumers that owned poor credit histories came to a standstill. However, lenders such as Regional Finance Company of Texas have quickly filled the lending void by issuing credit to consumers that are mostly not credit worthy. The lending company also mails flyers to consumers that include pre-approved, high interest loan offers.

Types of Loans Offered by Regional Finance Company of Texas

Regional Finance Company offers a wide variety of loans to consumers that otherwise would not qualify for any type of loan.

Small Personal Loans

The lender offers small personal loans up to $2,500. The purpose of the loans is to help consumers cover emergency costs, such as the replacement of a car alternator and refurbishing of a damaged roof caused by a wicked storm. Unexpected events include the need for holiday funds, medical expenses, and one time only bills. Regional Finance Company of Texas sets payment periods of between 6 and 24 months for small personal loans

Large Secured Loans

For larger purchases between $2,500 and $12,000, Regional Finance Company of Texas offers secured loans. With payment terms of up to 48 months, the company claims the secured loans fit within most consumer budgets. Large purchases include vehicles, furniture, and appliances, as well as extensive work performed on a home. Secured loans also cover the expenses incurred for debt consolidation and taking extended vacations.

Auto Loans

The largest loans offered by the Regional Finance Company of Texas pay for new and pre-owned vehicles that range in price up to $27,000. Consumers accept loan terms that run from three years to as long as eight years. The $27,000 auto loan limit prevents consumers who have poor credit scores from purchasing vehicles way beyond their financial means. Over the past five years, auto loans have comprised a growing percentage of the company’s lending pie.

Regional Finance Company of Texas emphasizes several times on its website that consumers “don’t need perfect credit to get a loan quick.” The company encourages consumers to complete the online approval application or call the closest Regional Finance Company of Texas branch office. Consumers that call a branch office speak with a company representative that walks them through the loan application process. The company promotes its “customer first” approach to customer service.

We offer the following legal services to help clients sued by Regional Finance Company of Texas:


·         Debt Lawsuit Defense

·         Bankruptcy

·         Judgment Defense

·         Debt Settlement

·         Creditor Harassment

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