LVNV Funding LLC Lawsuit or Judgment

LVNV Lawsuit or Judgment?

Who Is LVNV Funding LLC?

LVNV Funding LLC  is a buyer of charged off debt.  They are owned by Sherman Acquisition.  LVNV may be showing up on your credit report or they may have served you with a lawsuit. LVNV Funding LLC files thousands of collection lawsuits each year against consumers. LVNV will hire a local collection attorney to file the lawsuit.

LVNV will rely on witness testimony in a “business record affidavit” when trying to prove their case against you.  It is important to fully understand the rules of evidence when attacking these affidavits and any documents attached.If you have recently been served with a LVNV Funding LLC lawsuit then you should take action to protect yourself.

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timothy mclaughlintimothy mclaughlin
21:57 16 Aug 22
I couldn’t be happier with Weston Legal. When I raised some concerns about my case, they immediately had “all hands on deck”. Casey, the attorney who handled my case was amazing. This firm was able to settle on a debt with a plaintiff that wouldn’t budge on amounts initially. Attorney Casey called me numerous times to keep me informed of case updates, even from his cell phone. The personal service was truly amazing.I am extremely happy with Weston Legal.
Silvio GomezSilvio Gomez
02:44 10 Aug 22
I want to give a special thank you to Jessica Owens for helping me the whole way through my process. Jessica was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions in a timely manner. I would highly recommend using Weston Legal and I would use them again in the future!
Chastity HarrisChastity Harris
19:29 04 Aug 22
My experience working with Ryan and the Weston Legal team have been an amazing one. I love the fact they have a payment plan you can set up to pay off your fee. Also, I really appreciate that they take care of everything for you without you having to step foot in the courtroom. Both times I have used them they were able to offer me with great settlement offers for less than what was owed. They will always be my go to if I ever need them again. Thank You!
Nancy MontemayorNancy Montemayor
12:12 27 Jul 22
Casey is an amazing attorney he was able to get me a great outcome on my case! The entire staff was very courteous and always willing to assist. I interviewed several firms prior to choosing this firm. I knew after working with Casey that I made the right choice. He is an incredible attorney with a true passion for his job would highly recommend Weston Legal.
Carolina SandersCarolina Sanders
14:29 12 Jul 22
My experience as a client with with Weston Legal team was Awesome. They are very professional, understanding, honest and keep you updated about your case. I highly recommend Weston Legal to anyone who is needing help with a Debt Law Suit because they got mines dismissed. “ You are in Good Hands with Weston Legal.” Give them a call and I guaranteed you will not be disappointed.
Geneva NunnGeneva Nunn
22:48 07 Jul 22
I received a letter about a debt creditor that wanted to sue me. And you know when you hear sue you get scared. So, I called Weston Legal PLLC and the explained to me what was going, still don't understand nothing about this so of course I hired them. Months goes by then it's time for court Miss Clarissa start calling to talk about the case. I know I was so unready for this, but she was understanding with me. She would call me talk about the case then talk to the attorney then call me back. No matter how much I apologize she will say no ma'am if you need me, please call me no matter what she gave me her number in case I had any questions. Thank you for that. A few days before court she explains to me something and then I had the chance to talk to Mr. Ryan. Once he got on the line and we started talking about the case, the way he was talking all I could say was let's go to trial. When someone talks and make you understand something it in a good way no matter what go for it. Fast forward received a call today with GOOD NEWS. Thank y'all so much
Alana SandersAlana Sanders
02:06 03 Jul 22
Highly recommended for anyone in need of true financial help! We had unexpected financial problems after a dire medical situation and the Weston Legal team fought for the most reasonable outcome, beyond our expectations. Andrew, Melissa, Sarah, and Ryan, they all had our best interest at heart and we all worked together to create our best case scenario. They follow through at every step and make the legal system easy to navigate. We are so blessed to have them on our side!
Shabaura PerrymanShabaura Perryman
15:13 24 Jun 22
Weston Legal provided me with great service. They were professional and worked to settle a debt significantly less than what I expected. Casey was very professional, and worked in my best interest. I truly appreciate his work and knowledge.
Crystal G. RobinsonCrystal G. Robinson
17:11 15 Jun 22
Best experience ever! I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve needed legal representation and Weston Legal addressed all of my concerns. The process was very long due to the nature of the service but Jessica started off with assurance and encouragement; but over the last 2.5 years, Casey was absolutely the best when it came to communication, answering my questions, addressing my concerns and putting my mind as ease by explaining all processes and next steps. He always did his due diligence and consulted with other colleagues. I would definitely return to Casey and Weston Legal should I ever need representation again!
SlayVenom GobletSlayVenom Goblet
10:07 11 May 22
Casey and the team at Weston Legal are amazing. They are very easy to work with. They took care of everything, from doing all of the paperwork to going to court for me. All I had to do was send them the documents and sign. They are polite, professional and efficient. They resolved my issue. I would definitely use them again and I highly recommend you do too. A great thank you to Casey and everyone there.
Juan DavilaJuan Davila
23:37 06 Mar 22
Wanted to share my experience with Weston Legal. Unfortunately last year I had to file for bankruptcy. After looking through several firms, I found that Weston Legal had great experience and reviews regarding this issue, so I contacted them. I was surprised to get a response within a few hours. Jessica A. was the first person to contact me and she was very helpful in explaining what the process would be. Whenever I had a question Jessica A. would always respond in a timely manner. Weston legal was able to help me resolve my case within a few months. I highly recommend them.
Sandy ColemanSandy Coleman
21:56 21 Mar 21
Jessica walked me through every step of the process with such compassion & I’ll be forever in her debt. It was an emotional experience that I couldn’t have done without Jessica & Sarah’s help. Thank you for making it a seamless & painless procedure. Your kindness & professionalism will be remembered forever!
Virginia MilliganVirginia Milligan
13:46 31 Jan 21
I have used this firm 2 times to help with issues. The rate is fair, helpful that it is a flat fee. The helped to negotiate a decent deal. You cant always get what you want to happen, but a fair deal is better than no deal. And both times it was fair.
Daniel BustosDaniel Bustos
19:34 04 Jan 21
I have been working with Jessica and have found her to be a valuable asset. She replied to my multiple queries in timely and professional manner. She took the time to answer whatever question I may have, and kept me abreast of the progress being made on my case. I am thankful for the help I've received with my case.
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What Happens With a Judgment?

Your Bank Account Can Be Frozen and Emptied by Many Judgment Creditors

A Judgment Can Often Cloud Title on Your Homestead Property

A Judgment is Published on your Credit Report as a “Public Record”

With a Judgment, certain property can be sold at auction to pay towards the judgment

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Without a Lawyer

The vast majority of collection lawsuits end up with a judgment against the consumer.  This is primarily because the consumer did nothing to protect themselves or they attempted to defend the lawsuit themselves.

With a Lawyer

Most of our cases are dismissed by the creditor prior to trial or we reach a favorable settlement for our clients depending on the circumstances of their situation.

Our Results with LVNV Funding LLC

1) LVNV Funding LLC vs. Our Client
CV12C0099587; Harris County Justice Court 1-2
Result: Case Dismissed, no money paid to LVNV Funding

2) LVNV Funding LLC vs. Our Client
893,006; Harris County Court #2
Result: Case Dismissed, no money paid to LVNV Funding

3) LVNV Funding LLC vs. Our Client
09-CV21-06486; Fort Bend County Justice Court 2
Result: Case Dismissed, no money paid to LVNV Funding

4) LVNV Funding LLC vs. Our Client
CV12C0099587; Harris County Justice Court 1-2
Result: Case Dismissed, no money paid to LVNV Funding

5) LVNV Funding LLC vs. Our Client
893,006; Harris County Court #2
Result: Case Dismissed, no money paid to LVNV Funding

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