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We have defended thousands of collection lawsuits.  Hundreds of them were filed by American Express.  See Some of our AMEX RESULTS.
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Sued by American Express?

Many original creditors do not file lawsuits or they sell their accounts to a debt buyer.  American Express has historically kept their own accounts and pursued them by filing collection lawsuits.

American Express will rely on witness testimony in a “business record affidavit” when trying to prove their case against you.  To view an actual AMEX business Records Affidavit click here.

It is important to fully understand the rules of evidence when attacking these affidavits and any documents attached.  If you have recently been served with a American Express lawsuit then you should take action to protect yourself.

What Happens With a Judgment?

Your Bank Account Can Be Frozen and Emptied by Many Judgment Creditors

A Judgment Can Often Cloud Title on Your Homestead Property

A Judgment is Published on your Credit Report as a “Public Record”

With a Judgment, certain property can be sold at auction to pay towards the judgment

Do I Need a Lawyer?

Without a Lawyer

Default Judgment

The vast majority of collection lawsuits end up with a judgment against the consumer.  This is primarily because the consumer did nothing to protect themselves or they attempted to defend the lawsuit themselves.

With a Lawyer

Dismissal or Settlement

Most of our cases are dismissed by the creditor prior to trial or we reach a favorable settlement for our clients depending on the circumstances of their situation.

Our Results with American Express

1) American Express vs. Our Client
2010-72328; Harris County District Court 55th
Result: Case Settled prior to trial

2) American Express vs. Our Client
10-80617-3; Tarrant County Court No. 3
Result: Case Settled prior to trial

3) American Express vs. Our Client
CV12C0091466; Harris County Justice Court 1-2
Result: Case Settled prior to trial

4) American Express vs. Our Client
11-09-09831; Montgomery County District Court, 9th
Result: Case settled prior to trial

5) FIA Card Services vs. Our Client
6-3958-2010; Collin County Court #6
Result: Case settled prior to trial

See Our American Express Results

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