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Dallas Debt Attorney – Do I Need a Dallas Debt Attorney?

Dallas residents dealing with debt have options. Unfortunately, many of them are facing their issues on their own with no support or guidance. A Dallas debt attorney can help you manage these often confusing and overwhelming circumstances with compassion and experience. What are some of the things a debt attorney can assist you with?

Help with Collections

Creditors can be relentless and despite laws governing their actions, many tend to use a combination of annoyance and intimidation to collect the money they are owed. If you are dealing with ongoing calls from creditors, a Dallas debt attorney can help.

How do you know it’s time to contact an attorney about a debt or debts you owe?

  • You’re receiving calls from creditors at home and/or in the workplace on a regular basis
  • You’re unable to make payments on credit cards or other loans
  • You’ve received notification of a collections lawsuit or you believe one is on the way
  • You’ve been harassed or treated unfairly by debt collectors
  • You’re overwhelmed by debt and unsure what to do next
  • You have a debt collection judgment
  • You are considering Bankruptcy

A debt relief law firm will review your options regarding your debt and help you determine the next best step. The most important thing to realize when you are dealing with collections is that you have options, and the worst thing you can do is to take no action.

Help with Settlement

One of the options available for many people dealing with debt is debt settlement. Debt settlement allows you to negotiate a repayment of a debt that is less than the amount you actually owe. Though it’s possible to do this on your own, working with an attorney ensures you get the best possible settlement available. Collection agencies are ruthless and unless you have an experienced debt negotiator in your corner, you will likely get the raw end of any deal.

Settlements are often the best option when your debt is so large you lack the resources to pay it. Though this might happen due to a loss of a job or because of an unexpected medical bill, one of the most common reasons is because of the late fees and over-limit fees applied by credit card companies.

As time passes and a credit card bill goes unpaid, the amount owed can be more than triple the original amount owed. Debt settlement allows you to get out from under the debt by paying a portion of the total owed. Not only does this make it possible to alleviate the problem, it also seems fair to consumers who felt victimized by all of the fines applied to their card.

A debt settlement attorney can help you resolve a debt for pennies on the dollar and possibly do so for a fee that is less than many debt settlement agencies charge.

Help with a Lawsuit

In many cases, a creditor will take legal action against a consumer in an attempt to collect a debt. If you have been served with notice of a debt collection lawsuit, you need to hire a Dallas debt attorney quickly.  At Weston Legal we have defended over 7500 debt collection lawsuits.

There are two types of debt collection lawsuits: those filed by the original creditor, and those filed by debt buyers who claim to have purchased a debt from an original lender. The entity filing the lawsuit is an important part of determining the best defense – something your debt attorney can help you do.

Keep in mind, just because an entity is suing you for an alleged debt does not mean you will automatically lose the lawsuit. It is the plaintiff’s obligation to prove the debt valid, and there are plenty of tools a consumer has for showing he or she is not liable for a debt.

It’s also important to remember that the worst thing you can do is ignore the summons you receive. If you fail to follow-through after receiving notice you are being sued in relation to a debt, the court will automatically find in favor of the debt collector. This means that even in cases filed by collectors that didn’t stand a chance for them are now valid debts – you might be on the hook paying for someone else’s debt or a debt that is long past the statute of limitations!

It might seem unfair or inconvenient, but you must deal with a debt collection lawsuit when it occurs, no matter the circumstances. And to build the strongest defense in your favor if you are being sued in relation to a debt, you need the support and guidance of a Dallas debt attorney.

Help with Bankruptcy

There are times when debt gets out of hand and your only option is to take drastic action – filing for bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy can be a valuable tool to help you deal with your financial challenge and get a fresh start. Unfortunately, the process is complicated and before you can get that fresh start you need to jump over a few hurdles.

It is possible to file for bankruptcy without the support of an attorney, but it is highly inadvisable. A lot can go wrong when you file, up to and including your request being denied. Your odds of filing without any unexpected glitches are greatly increased when you work with a debt attorney who understands the process and is familiar with the bankruptcy court system.

Much of the work involved in filing for bankruptcy occurs before the case is even filed. With the right preparation, including determining whether or not bankruptcy is really your best option, you are improving the chances of success. A debt attorney will review your situation, develop a strategy for filing and defending against disputes, and help you understand bankruptcy laws. He or she will also aid you in protecting your assets when possible and meeting your obligations related to filing, such as the required consumer counseling.

Is the time right for you to hire a Dallas debt attorney? If you’re dealing with collectors or lawsuits, or you are considering bankruptcy, absolution. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us online or call us at 1-800-220-4318

Mike Weston is a seasoned debt lawsuit defense attorney and founder of Weston Legal. Since 2005, Mike has devoted his career to compassionately helping consumers struggling with issues involving their personal and business debts. Mike is grateful to have been able to help tens of thousands of clients become empowered with knowledge on the path to financial stability.

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