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Bankruptcy Filings by State

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Do you dread answering the telephone or checking the mail because you are struggling with debts you cannot pay?  Do you find yourself juggling debts each month to try to keep creditors from filing collection lawsuits?  If so, you are not alone.  Americans throughout the United States file bankruptcy each day because they cannot afford to pay their bills in addition to their living expenses.

Some people assume that the most common reason for filing bankruptcy is the abuse of credit or the lack of proper money management skills; however, this is not the case.  Most people who file for bankruptcy relief do so because of a financial crisis that was out of their control.  They have tried everything possible to recover from the crisis but cannot do so without assistance.

Common reasons why people file bankruptcy include:

Regardless of why a person is in financial distress, they can find relief from overwhelming debts with a bankruptcy filing.  Ignoring financial problems only creates other issues and may make matters worse.  Unpaid creditors may choose to file a lawsuit to collect the debt.  If the creditor receives a judgment, the judgment can attach to your home and other property.  Filing bankruptcy accomplishes two goals. It resolves financial problems while protecting the person’s assets from creditors.

Debt settlement, debt consolidation and other debt relief solutions cannot always accomplish the same goals as a bankruptcy filing.  In order to make an informed decision as to which debt relief solution is best in your situation, you should consult with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

Bankruptcy Filing Statistics

California was the state with the most bankruptcy filings (103,379) while Alaska had the least bankruptcy filings (456). Below is a complete list of bankruptcy filings for all 50 states based on information available from the Administrative Office of the U. S. Courts.

  1. California 103,379
  2. Florida 68,597
  3. Georgia 62,969
  4. Illinois 61,507
  5. Ohio 41,278
  6. Tennessee 39,075
  7. Texas 36,503
  8. Michigan 35,688
  9. New York 32,431
  10. Indiana 29,235
  11. New Jersey 27,271
  12. Alabama 25,248
  13. Virginia 24,046
  14. Pennsylvania 23,926
  15. Washington 21,378
  16. Missouri 21,170
  17. Wisconsin 21,076
  18. Maryland 20,323
  19. Arizona 19,898
  20. Colorado 17,632
  21. Kentucky 16,983
  22. North Carolina 16,719
  23. Louisiana 14,999
  24. Utah 13,725
  25. Oregon 12,305
  26. Minnesota 12,190
  27. Arkansas 11,236
  28. Nevada 11,184
  29. Mississippi 11,106
  30. Massachusetts 10,394
  31. Oklahoma 9,955
  32. Kansas 7,511
  33. South Carolina 7,386
  34. Connecticut 6,968
  35. Iowa 5,079
  36. Idaho 4,742
  37. Nebraska 4,635
  38. New Mexico 3,830
  39. West Virginia 3,412
  40. Rhode Island 2,929
  41. Delaware 2,902
  42. New Hampshire 2,653
  43. Maine 2,094
  44. Hawaii 1,731
  45. Montana 1,554
  46. South Dakota 1,197
  47. Wyoming 959
  48. Vermont 715
  49. North Dakota 701
  50. Alaska 456


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