Bankruptcy Creditors Meeting

The Bankruptcy Creditors Meeting typically occurs about 30 days after your case is filed.  The purpose of the meeting is for the Bankruptcy Trustee to question you about your assets and debts.

Not in a Court Room

You are typically in a conference room with the trustee and your attorney.  Other people that filed Bankruptcy may also be sitting in the room waiting for their turn.  Actual creditors rarely attend the bankruptcy creditors meetings.

5 to 10 minutes

Most creditor meetings last about 5 to 10 minutes.  However, the process of getting there and waiting for your turn can take a few hours.  This is because the meetings are usually held at the Federal Court House and getting in the building takes time due to all of the security measures.

Documents Required

You must bring you driver’s license and social security card to your creditor meeting.  This is so the trustee can verify your identity.  You will also need your drivers license to get into the Federal Court House.  As your attorney we have already provided all other necessary documentation to the trustee prior to the meeting.

Must Attend

If you file for Bankruptcy you must attend your creditor meeting. If you miss the meeting, it can typically be re-scheduled but you will eventually have to attend and give testimony under oath.

We Will Be There

If you are a client of ours, we will be there with you at the creditor meeting to answer any questions you have.  The trustee may have specific questions for the attorney and we will handle these.  The trustee may want the petition amended and this is also something that we will handle.

No Assets

Once the trustee has been satisfied that there are no assets and all amendments have been made, they will issue a no asset report.  They essentially recommend to the Court that you should get a discharge of your debts.  Typically you will receive your discharge about 4 months after the trustee recommends this.  During this time, you will need to complete your post filing financial management course.

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